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What We Do

Home Cinema Installation

At Cotswold Connect, our passion lies in crafting exquisite home cinema and surround sound installations. Whether you envision a dedicated movie theater within your residence or seek an immersive entertainment experience in your living space, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions. Enhancing your experience, we employ Control4 automation to effortlessly manage various devices. With a single touch, our system seamlessly closes the blinds, dims the lights, activates the projector, and configures the AV receiver to the optimal input.


When conceptualizing your home cinema room, we meticulously assess the room's layout for speaker placement, implement acoustic treatments, integrate smart lighting, motorized blinds and curtains, and provide an array of seating options.


Collaborating with industry-leading manufacturers, we ensure that our offerings align with your discerning standards and budgetary preferences.

Control4 Home Cinema
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Home Automation

Cotswold Connect leverages Control4 to seamlessly integrate an extensive array of systems and devices, encompassing lighting, climate control, intercoms, electric gates, window treatments, televisions, and multi-room audio-video setups. Control4, a sophisticated home automation platform, provides control via an on-wall touchscreen, the universal Control4 remote, and a mobile app that operates even when you're away from home.


With Control4, you can establish schedules to activate heating, automatically close curtains, and illuminate rooms at sunset. Additionally, devices can respond to voice commands and motion sensors for enhanced convenience and efficiency.

WiFi, Networking & Structured Cabling

Ensuring a dependable home network is crucial for the optimal functionality of all smart home devices.


If you're in the process of constructing a new home or renovating your existing one, we collaborate with building contractors and electricians to ensure comprehensive coverage with the right cabling infrastructure. The advantage of pre-installing a structured cable design is that it future-proofs your home, enabling versatile use for various systems, including audio, video, home networking, lighting, heating, CCTV, and more.


Additionally, we employ various methods for extending your home network to other areas when pre-wiring isn't feasible, and running cables throughout the house isn't an option. In such cases, we can often utilize existing TV aerial systems and wireless mesh networks to distribute broadband effectively.


One of the solutions we offer involves the installation of wireless point-to-point links. These links, typically mounted outdoors, establish wireless connections and are as reliable as physical cables as long as there is a clear line of sight between them. They are particularly useful for extending your broadband signal to remote buildings or areas within your property. Point-to-point link options start at approximately £100 for a pair, covering distances ranging from meters to miles.


Moreover, all the network systems we provide include free cloud management, enabling us to offer remote support and troubleshooting for your network.

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Multi Room AV (Audio Visual)

You can initiate playback of a song in one room using multiroom audio and then synchronize other rooms to play the same content. At Cotswold Connect, we tailor our choices of manufacturers to meet the specific preferences of our clients. We offer installation and supply services for a range of audio systems, including Sonos, Bluesound, Denon Heos, and Control4's proprietary system.


In certain scenarios, particularly when structured cabling is in place, it becomes practical to implement a centralized system. This centralized setup enables the sharing and distribution of devices like a Sky box or Apple TV to every television in your home.


Centralized systems offer the advantage of maintaining a clean and organized appearance in your rooms, as there's no need for multiple cables and devices cluttering the area beneath your TVs.


Cotswold Connect offers comprehensive CCTV camera systems that provide both security and peace of mind. Our cameras not only record all events but also act as a powerful deterrent to potential intruders.


Our camera systems are accessible remotely through a mobile app, ensuring you stay informed whenever an event occurs, be it motion detection, line crossing, or facial recognition identifying a known or unknown individual.


We primarily collaborate with trusted manufacturers such as Hikvision, Dahua, Pakedge, and Luma. These brands seamlessly integrate with Control4, enabling you to create an illusion of occupancy by automatically controlling lights when motion is detected while you're away.


In addition to standard cameras, we also install ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras, which are becoming increasingly popular. ANPR not only tracks every passing vehicle's number plate but also allows you to manage whitelists and blacklists. This means that as you approach your driveway gate, the camera will recognize your number plate and grant access accordingly.

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