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What We Do

Home Cinema Installation

We at Cotswold Connect love installing home cinemas and surround sound systems. Whether it be a dedicated movie theatre in your home, or an immersive experience in your living area, we have all options covered. To make the experience even better we use Control4 to automate the process of switching certain devices on or off which makes the system much easier to use. At the touch of a button the Blinds will close, lights dim, projector comes and sets the AV receiver to the correct input.


When designing your home cinema room we will look at the room layout and best placement for each speaker, acoustic treatment, smart lighting, motorised blinds and curtains and seating options.


We work with industry leading manufacturers to ensure we meet all quality and budgetary needs.

Control4 Home Cinema
Smart Lighting App.jpeg

Home Automation

Cotswold Connect use Control4 to integrate a wide range of systems and devices like lighting, heating and cooling, intercoms and electric gates, blinds and curtains, TVs and multi room audio video systems. Control4 is a home automation system that can control many systems through an on-wall touchscreen, the Control4 universal remote control and through the Control4 app which works when you’re away from your home too.


By using a Control4 system, you can set schedules to turn on the heating, automatically close curtains and turn on lights at sunset. Devices can also be triggered by voice commands and motion sensors.

WiFi, Networking & Structured Cabling

A reliable home network is key to ensuring that all smart home devices operate the way they should.


If you’re building a new home or renovating, we can work with the building contractors and electricians to make sure every aspect is covered to get the correct cabling into the right places. The advantage of pre installing a structured cable design is it future proofs your home and the cables can be used for a variety of systems such as, audio, video, home networking, lighting, heating, CCTV – the list goes on.


We also use various methods to extend a home network to other parts of the house when pre wiring isn’t an option and neither is running cables around the house. Sometimes we can distribute the broadband over the existing TV aerial system and wireless mesh systems.


Another system we install is wireless point to point links. Point to point links are normally mounted outside and create wireless link and are as good as running a cable as long as they have line of sight to each other. These are particularly good for beaming your broadband to another building or the room at the bottom of the garden. Point to point links start at around £100 for a pair which can cover up to a few hundred meters and the higher priced ones can cover from miles to cross country.

All of the Network systems we provide come with free cloud management allowing us to support and troubleshoot your network remotely.

Triad Speaker.jpeg

Multi Room AV (Audio Visual)

With multiroom audio you can start playing a song in one room and then group other rooms so that every room in that group are playing the exact same thing. Cotswold Connect use different manufactures depending on the clients needs. We can supply and install Sonos, Bluesound, Denon Heos and Control4s very own audio system.


In some circumstances especially when structured cabling is in place, it makes sense to have a centralized system where a Sky box or Apple TV can be shared and distributed to every TV in your home.


Centralized systems are great because you don’t have to have lots of wires and devices sat beneath TVs keeping the room looking tidy.


Cotswold Connect CCTV camera systems have everything you could possibly need and offer a way for you to feel safe and protected. Not only do cameras record every event, they also provide a deterrent for would be thieves.


The cameras we supply can be viewed through an app remotely and you will get a notification when something happens such as movement, a line has been crossed or the facial recognition system has picked up a known or unknown face.


Cotswold Connect mainly work with Hikvision, Dahua, Pakedge and Luma. These manufacturers can also be integrated with Control4 and can be useful if you are on holiday and someone is walking towards the house, once the camera detects motion we can use this to trigger a sequence of lights to turn on and off to make it look like someone is home.


ANPR cameras are also something we install and they are becoming more common. ANPR not only keeps track of every number plate that has driven past, you can setup whitelists and blacklists so that when you are pulling up to your driveway gate the camera will recognize your number plate and open the gate.

CCTV Camera.jpeg
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