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Work done by Cotswold Connect

In Cotswold Connect's most recent Home Cinema Installation project, we employed cutting-edge technology to create an exceptional viewing experience. We utilized a state-of-the-art Sony VW590ES 4K Projector paired with a Projecta 128 Inch acoustically transparent screen for stunning visuals. 

For immersive audio, our team installed a Denon AVCX4700 9.2 8K Receiver alongside Triad in-room subwoofers. The front speakers were discreetly placed behind the projector screen, while in-ceiling speakers were strategically positioned for height effects, and on-wall speakers provided enveloping surround sound. To maintain aesthetics, we concealed the subwoofers behind custom-made black cloth panels beneath the projector screen.

To enhance the ambiance, we added LED tape lighting around the ceiling, seamlessly integrated with Control4 automation. When the projector powers on, the LED lighting follows suit, creating a cinematic atmosphere.

Furthermore, our integration expertise extended to controlling the air conditioning, heating, and CCTV systems via Control4. We also future-proofed the setup by pre-installing cabling to accommodate motorized blinds or curtains, ensuring a luxurious and technologically advanced home cinema experience.

The project on the right involved a centralised system using Control4 as the control system.


This system features a Wyrestorm HD over IP matrix with ten TVs and a cinema room. In the cinema room we used the clients existing HD Projector and installed a Denon AV Receiver with three Bowers & Wilkins Cinema 7 LCR behind the projector screen, four B&W In-wall / ceiling speakers and two B&W In-wall subwoofers.

In each room where we wall mounted TVs, we installed Sonos Playbars and in the remaining rooms we used Triad In-ceiling speakers which are all cabled back to the rack with Sonos Amps.

The rack is where all of the network equipment and AV is located including three Sky Q boxes, CCTV recorder and two Apple TVs which can all be viewed through any of the ten TVs or cinema room.

We also installed a Rako lighting system to cover most of the house and garden, Heatmiser underfloor heating system, Hikvision CCTV, Control4 DS2 Intercom at the driveway gate and a Control4 ten inch In-wall touchscreen so they can see who is at the gate, set lighting scenes and control the whole system.

More photos to follow for this one!

Another cinema room installed by Cotswold Connect!

This was a fun little room to do. The customer already had a couple of speakers from a cinema room in a previous house.

We supplied a pair of Klipsch floorstanding and four In-ceiling Klipsch speakers to match what they already had with a Denon AV Receiver. We used a Control4 Processor with a Control4 SR260 Universal remote to make the room simple to operate and a wireless Control4 wireless light switch.

This is my own personal project at home. I wanted to have a demo system to show my clients. I would have liked to have used floor standing speakers but didn't want the kids to knock them over so I decided to remove the chimney, stud out the wall so I could recess the TV and use in-wall speakers.

The speakers I used are three Triad Silver LCR, two Triad in-wall subwoofers and two Triad Silver in-ceiling surrounds.

I used a Denon AVR X3400H and use Apple TV & Sky. All of these devices have been relocated to an unused cupboard upstairs.

It's slightly unfinished as I measured the recess for a 55 inch Samsung TV which I haven't go yet and I'm in two minds whether to spray the speaker grills to match the blue wall.

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